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In our quest for buzzwords and jargons, and/or possibly succumbing to peer pressure of sounding more fancier than the guy next to you, and/or well, whatever your reason might be, have we perhaps forgotten to articulate things in a simple language?

After all, what could be more sophisticated than simplicity itself?

“I tried to keep it simple” is a famous line many cricketers use in interviews.

Trying to make it look simple ,by itself, is an art. and only experts manage to do that.

So next time someone tells you that you don’t sound sophisticated, take that as a compliment.

#SimplicityIsUnderrated #simplicity

Low Cost CDC Approach

In this economy today, cost cutting is one of the major topics that gets discussed in management meetings. While cost cutting is very crucial, it is also essential for organizations to keep an eye on the future as well and not go back 10 years in the name of cost cutting. In that context, in “Part 1” of this Cost Cutting Series, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a very important topic. CDC(Change Data Capture).

Use Case

The use case that I will be taking up today is syncing up two Oracle databases using CDC without leveraging any third party…

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Corporate meetings can be fun.

They could also be universities that pay you to teach you. They impart a whole lot of other skills on the job encompassing domain knowledge, language , grammar, soft skills, convincing skills, listening skills and more.

In part 1 of this “Corporate Wisdom” series, I would like to focus on this one particular type of crude behavior that could really upset you in a meeting.

The Uncomfortable Scenario

You :I have a solution to address this problem. Would you like to hear that?”, The other blunt voice in ultra low frequency :Yeah . …

These are surreal times.

These are desperate times.

These are interesting times too depending on which way you look at it from.

We all realize by now if we want to beat Corona, we better stay home.

While we suffocate indoors, nature has never breathed so easy -that’s the darn irony !

The best view that I could get is that of the clear blue sky when I look out my balcony.

Nature looks so beautiful, beauty at its best.

and here I am staring at my monitor — so dutiful, caged in my nest.

Air at its healthiest ever…

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Time has slowed down seriously. Many consider space and time to be different dimensions but I am figuring out they are kind of related.

Let me explain.

With more space to roam around, we used to feel like we had very less time on our hands and that we were very busy. Super busy. So much so that we didn't have time to focus on essentials of life.

Now ever since the lock-down thanks in many parts to Corona, I am figuring out that I have limited space within my home. Strangely too much time on hands !

Space and…

You have made us realize the value of family

And yet we want you gone.

You have made us realize the value of our culture and the science behind it

And yet we want you gone.

You have destroyed our egos and brought us to the ground

And yet we want you gone.

You have made us lose track of time and ask what day is it today?

And yet we want you gone.

You have achieved the impossible by unifying the whole world

And yet we want you gone.

Yes, it is indeed a thankless world Corona

And yes…

Inner Image

Noone can deny the fact that humans talk to themselves especially when we are alone, excited, depressed or when are in tough situations. If you talk to yourself, don’t worry it might be quite natural to do so 😀. Well, as long as you are in control. Just don’t let it drive you !

When it happens to me though, the first image of myself almost always is that innocent (handsome, if I may add) boy. It makes me wonder why that image is pretty much a constant?

The human brain has been designed to carry an inner…

Have you ever had days when you just sit at work the whole day doing absolutely nothing other than staring at the monitor? Good for you if you haven’t ever. Oh ! You may skip the rest of the article; it is just not cut out for you.

Well hey there ! if you are still here, that means I have got you curious ain’t I ?

Don’t worry, statistics indicate no one has ever gotten bored trying to read an article on “Boredom” :-) well duh !

Okay ! right to the topic now … much-awaited if I may…

There is an often a need to create an audit schema which captures all the changes in your primary schema. If you are using an Oracle database, you would generally go for triggers for each table. An average data-model could have anywhere between 20–50 tables or more,so if you were to start writing code each of these tables, you are going to be spending days creating the triggers.

In this article, I would try to articulate how to generate #Oracle audit triggers using Oracle’s own metadata.With …

And so yet another new year starts with a flurry of GIFs, videos and what not ! By the way, here is wishing a very happy and prosperous new year to all my readers ! If you were expecting a fancy animated GIF, sorry to disappoint you. I am not a GIF person. I am all about words, expressing and typing them myself.

Greetings are good. They rejuvenate you. This new year got me thinking as to why the human life was partitioned into years in the first place.

I would like to think humans feel comfortable dealing with small…

Vikram Vasudevan

Innovator, Software enthusiast and architect. likes to write about life events when he gets time. erstwhile musician.

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